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We believe that sharing is caring and that by joining forces with others, our movement becomes even stronger. That’s why we collaborate with different organizations that, like us, are committed to making this world a better place.

We work with organizations all over the world whose mission, be it through education, advocacy or events, aligns with our values. With the help of these organizations, we aim to expand our reach, but also to create a much larger impact throughout the world.

These are some of the organizations who we’ve collaborated with in the past, or who we are collaborating with now.

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logo of greenpeace - sustainable collaborations with Bali Boo

Greenpeace is probably the biggest non-governmental environmental organization in the world. Their actions are far too many to describe in such a short space, and to be honest, they probably don’t even need a proper introduction (who doesn’t know them?).

Greenpeace’s fight against plastic has taken the world by storm during the last years. We were approached by Greenpeace Austria to personalize some straws for a specific event.

Greenpeace Austria

logo of Oceanic Global - sustainable collaborations with Bali Boo
Oceanic Global – The Ocean Standard

Oceanic Global is a worldwide organization that empowers behavior towards a better understanding, and care of our oceans. Their work revolves around creating industry-specific guidelines that businesses can take in order to be more sustainable.

Every year, Oceanic Global creates “The Oceanic Standard” a booklet with recommendations for businesses on how to go plastic-free. Bali Boo appears as a recommended vendor of The Oceanic Standard, offering special discounts and offers to those businesses that are willing to take the step to go plastic-free.

Spanish Edition | UK Edition

logo of rotary international - sustainable collaborations with Bali Boo
Rotary Canggu – Helping Schools in Lombok

The Rotary Club International  is an international organization that promotes social actions around the world through a membership of thousands of people around the world who contribute to their causes.

In 2019 we were approached by the Rotary Club of Canggu to contribute for a campaign that took place in the island of Lombok. After the horrible 2018 earthquakes, thousands of people were left stranded without homes in the island of Lombok. Through this campaign, we worked on providing school supplies and other necessities to the local children, accompanied by workshops on environmentalism and the reduction of the use of plastic.

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logo of the clean ocean project - sustainable collaborations with Bali Boo
The Clean Ocean Project

The Clean Ocean Project is based in Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands (Spain).  Their mission is to raise awareness and help eliminate plastic waste, especially plastic straws,  from the island of Fuerteventura, which has been considered by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve.
In conjunction with Biosférate, a local organization that aims to divulge and raise awareness on conservation, The Clean Ocean Project is engaging local businesses to take a step against plastic straws by offering them better alternatives, like our bamboo straws.


logo of Bas Les Pailles - sustainable collaborations with Bali Boo
Bas Les Pailles

Bas Les Pailles is a French organization that aims to remove plastic straws and other single-use plastics through advocacy and education. Their project has 3 clear missions:
1 – To educate the population about the harm of plastic straws through debates, interventions, projections, as well as through beach clean-ups and events.
2 – To create a change by encouraging businesses and consumers to look for alternatives to plastic straws.
3 – To advocate for a change in French legislation through their initiative.


logo of CU reps - sustainable collaborations with Bali Boo
EcoReps – Columbia University

Columbia University EcoReps is a group of students that promote sustainable behavior and implement green initiatives on Columbia’s campus.

They organize events with discussions, education and sensibilization programs with which they aim to minimize the footprint on the campus at Columbia University. Some examples include the Youth Climate Summit, in which they invited a round of speakers to teach students about environmental issues.


logo of TEDx ULB - sustainable collaborations with Bali Boo
TEDx – ULB 2019

TEDxULB is an independently organized TEDx event that took place during mid-2019 in the city of Brussels, Belgium.

The main topic of this 6th edition of TEDxULB was “The Hummingbird Effect” which revolved around the idea of how small actions by individuals can create a great social and worldwide impact. The talks treated the topics of sustainability as a major cause for change.

Bali Boo was present during the event as an official sponsor.


logo of biosoc - sustainable collaborations with Bali Boo
BioSoc – University of Leeds

The Biology society (BioSoc) is the representative organism of all Biological Sciences students at the University of Leeds.

Apart from organizing trips, events and other gatherings, BioSoc also organizes an event called Eco-Drive, aimed at getting people (mostly students)  to recycle more, repurpose unrecyclable items and use items that are more sustainable.

Facebook Page

logo of WUMAN - sustainable collaborations with Bali Boo
WUMAN Frauennetzwerk

WUMAN is the university-internal network for female scientists, v.a. Doctoral students, postdocs and junior professors of the University of Mannheim.

WUMAN organizes a series of conferences with several prestigious speakers in an all-women event that discusses the topics of Feminism, Women Empowerment and, of course, women in science.

Twitter Page

logo of 1 dechet par jour - sustainable collaborations with Bali Boo
1 Déchet par Jour

1 Déchet par Jour (1 Piece of Trash a Day) is an organization that proposes a fun and engaging way to clean our cities. This initiative was born in Marseille by a group of young environmentalists who decided to do something about the trash that was lying around in their city. The idea is simple but very effective: Pick up a piece of trash, take a pic of it, and share it in social media.

1 Déchet par Jour also organizes clean-up events in which anybody is welcome to come and help clean the planet together! If you’re in France, check out their events page and join them for a fun and very necessary initiative!


logo of harperkids - - sustainable collaborations with Bali Boo
Harperkids – The stories of Babak

Harperkids is the branch of the Spanish Harper Collins Iberica, that creates editorial content for children. Their latest project, The stories of Babak, is a series of stories about a small monster that teaches kids the importance of taking care of the environment.

Through stories and illustrations, Babak is a great initiative to teach the youngest ones about environmental issues, pollution, and the importance of taking care of our planet.

For the launch of  Babak, Bali Boo collaborated with HarperKids to create a set of giveaways for the first purchasers of the books.


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