We are Fair

Ethically made products, there is no other way

Bali Boo does not allow any type of inequality, discrimination, child labor or unfair practices to take place during the production of any of our products. We actively supervise all of our partners and suppliers to make sure this is enforced in their workplaces.

ethically made products by Bali Boo
Ethically Made products by Bali Boo
Ethically Made products by Bali Boo
Ethically Made products by Bali Boo

At Bali Boo we aren’t only about making products that care about our planet. For us, sustainability is about more than just being ‘plastic free’ or making ‘zero waste’ products. We bring you ethically made products that have a purpose to make this planet a better place for everyone and everything in it.

Our operations stem directly from Bali, Indonesia, where we work hand-in-hand with small producers and local farmers. Being physically present here allows us to make sure that all working conditions are at the highest of standards. We also ensure that all workers have a good and happy working environment and that they feel they are being part of something much bigger.

As you probably already know, child labor is, unfortunately, something common in Asia. Luckily, we are very close to our partners and we have a great relationship with them.  We personally supervise the operations of each and every step of our production process. So we can assure that working conditions are fair, and no inequalities, discrimination or child-labor of any sorts take place when producing our products.

We also actively seek to work with women-led partners. By doing so, we empower society by creating a more healthy redistribution of wealth. We are also very proud to employ mostly women in our company.

We pay above-average wages to our employees and we sponsor their training, education and health programs. We do this so that they can evolve in a healthy, educated and empowered way to become independent leaders of their own community in the future. Our workforce is the backbone of our company, we wouldn’t be what we are without them, and we thank them every day for their hard work.

In 2017 we were selected as a leading example by a case study of the
United Nations that praised our fair practices in the fight against plastic.

You can check the full study here (we’re on pages 57-58)
Or you can see the specific part about us by clicking on the image below.