Our Story

Story - Vision - Mission

Hi! We are Fred and Diego, co-founders of Bali Boo. We met towards the end of 2015 while we were roommates living in the same house in Bali. We had both been traveling through Asia for some years and had decided to settle down in this beautiful island we now call home without really knowing what the future would bring our way.

Unfortunately, plastic waste is sadly an everyday reality in Bali. You can easily see it floating in the ocean, washing up on the beaches, and polluting the beautiful rice-fields. Being nature lovers and surfers, we became even more in contact and aware of this problem.

our story - how we began with bali boo, in the image: diego, gitok, wayan and fred

The topic became a go-to conversation in our morning coffees and our late-night dinners. We talked for hours about the poor waste-management of the island and how plastic was one day going to destroy the beautiful paradise we lived in. The conversations were endless and the idealistic solutions we came up with were clearly far-fetched. But after some time living under the same roof, we decided to join our forces and set out to create something that would be really worth fighting for. That’s when we decided to start selling Bamboo Straws, or as you may say, when we created Bali Boo (although the whole project still didn’t have a name as such).

More than three years later we are happy to say that we are actually helping the world get rid of plastic. We are present in more than 60 countries worldwide through our Wholesale Channel, and we’ve been mentioned by the United Nations as a case-study example in the fight against plastic.

Our vision is to be a brand that demonstrates that it is possible to ‘do well, by doing good.’ We create products that are Sustainable, Ethical and of the highest quality possible. We strive for perfection by putting forward a premium version of what we believe eco-friendly products should be:  engaging, motivating, and attractive.

our story - think global and act local, but act global too

We are firm believers of the motto that says ‘think global, act local’ but we like to add a small ‘but act global too!’ to it. That is why at Bali Boo we work closely with local communities by creating opportunities for those that need them most. To preserve the traditional handicrafts that have been around for centuries and that are unfortunately starting to be forgotten by newer generations. We actively seek to employ mostly women, and purposefully work with women-led organizations, because the weight of their households normally relies on them. By empowering women, we impulse the community around them too. All this is done to create beautiful products that will create an local and global impact. So that our planet can remain healthy, and the people in it happy.

We are committed to the customers, like you, that trust us by buying our products, but also to the people that help us make them the best they can be.

Our mission is to help eradicate single-use plastic waste from our planet while creating a real positive impact that improves the lives of those that need it most. That is why we’ve set up the #TheEarthSaysThanks project, in which we give away thousands of bamboo straws every month to local restaurants in Bali who can’t afford to go green. We hope you will join us in our quest because with your help, and the help of those around you, we will be able to do it!

Thank You for reading!

Diego & Fred
-Co-founders of Bali Boo

Our Values

Want to learn more about our company? Why not start by checking out what really makes us unique. These are our values, to make the best quality products that are respectful to our planet, and the people who make them.

Ethically Made

Things well made, that do good. By purchasing Bali Boo products you are helping Balinese artisans to continue working in their traditional crafts.


To us, Sustainability means more than making eco-friendly products. Our products and our practices are respectful to the planet and all beings in it.

Top Quality

At Bali Boo our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality products possible. Safe for you, your family, our planet, and your business.