#TheEarthSaysThanks Project

Ending Plastic Straws in Bali

Bali Boo is on a mission to eradicate plastic straws in Bali. In 2019 we started to give away Bamboo Straws for free to local restaurants and bars on the island. These local businesses normally don’t have the knowledge or the financial possibility of skipping plastic straws. We give them the opportunity of ‘going green’, and at the same time, eliminate the hideous plastic straws in Bali.

Bali has yet to develop a proper waste management system. Because there are very few recycling facilities, trash ends up dumped everywhere. Through #TheEarthSaysThanks Project, we remove the plastic straws in places in which they have a high probability of ending up being burned or thrown out into the ocean.

For a local business to benefit from #TheEarthSaysThanks project, and therefore get our bamboo straws for free, they have to give to us their plastic straws in exchange. This way, we manage to remove from circulation thousands of plastic straws that could otherwise end up being dumped in landfills, burned, or washed out into the ocean.

The Numbers

Number of Businesses

who have joined the project


Bamboo Straws

that we have given away


Plastic Straws

that we have picked up during our missions


Updated March 2020

If you are in Bali and come across our bamboo straws in any business that has joined our project, please do the following:

Congratulate Them!

Let them know how much you appreciate their big commitment! And don’t forget to support their business by ordering something. Remember, they’re taking a huge step, so any encouragement at all will reinforce their belief that what they’re doing matters!

Say Cheese!

Snap a picture and tag us @baliboonaturals with the hashtag #TheEarthSaysThanks. Don’t forget to also tag the location of the business you’re at. It’ll help them get found by more people, and they will always thank you for it!

Share the Love!

Tell all your friends about it! Make sure your experience reaches as many people as possible. You are being an active part of removing plastic straws in Bali, so make sure you let everyone know! And remember, #TheEarthSaysThanks!

Do you know any local business in Bali that is willing to ditch plastic straws? Send us their details!



NOTE: #TheEarthSaysThanks Project is a campaign that is 100% funded and led by Bali Boo.
We do this because we believe there is an urgent need to eliminate plastic straws in Bali.

Funding comes from taking a percentage of the profits we make from the sale of our products. Your support enables us to continue!
Businesses that adhere to our project have done so willingly because they had a legitimate interest to remove plastic straws from Bali.