Coconut Bowls

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Tired of using bland bowls and looking to upgrade to a more vintage look? Bali Boo have got you covered with our stylish Coconut Bowl Sets that are both unique and 100% eco-friendly. Made from leftover coconut husks and shells that wouldotherwise go to waste, Bali Boo have repurposed something that would otherwise add to the waste pandemic into a great alternative for people and businesses looking to add a touch of class to their inventory. While coconut bowls have been around for centuries, Bali Boo is taking the coconut bowl game to a whole new level with a carefully hand-crafted process to ensure that only the best bowls make it to market.

At this moment in time, we offer the coconut bowl sets for families (packs of 4) as well as couples (packs of 2), which include our signature bamboo straws and cutlery to go alongside the unique bowls. Like snowflakes, there are no two same coconut bowls so every bowl that we create has its own personality and design meaning that your purchase will be the only one of its kind! The bowls go through a rigorous creation process whereby we clean them individually to ensure they are safe to use.
Once this cleansing process is done, we will sand them and polish them to
guarantee that they are smooth, shiny and water repellant.

The cutlery set that is provided alongside the bowls are also locally sourced in Bali off Ibu (mother) from a market in Denpasar so you know it's the real deal! All this is packaged inside a hand-woven basket created by Manik, an artisan basket-weaver based in northern Bali. There are no shortcuts when it comes to the creation of the coconut bowl sets we bring to market and when our customers receive their orders, they can see the craftsmanship and hard work that has gone into the process of making these beautiful sets.

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