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Bamboo Cotton Swabs


Your make-up or your ear wax is biodegradable, but your plastic cotton swab isn’t! Whatever you use cotton swabs for, make sure to choose always the most sustainable option. Our Bamboo Cotton Swabs (or Cotton Buds) are made from 100% natural bamboo and organic cotton, which means they are completely biodegradable and won’t end up in a landfill! They come in a pack of 200 units so you don’t have to buy again in a long time!

• 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly
• Made from Natural Bamboo and Organic Cotton
• Vegan & BPA-Free

bamboo cotton swabs - by Bali Boo

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Bamboo Cotton Swabs – Pack of 200

Be it to take your make-up off, or to clean the wax from your ears, cotton swabs are an important tool in most of our bathrooms. But did you know that all of the cotton swabs you’ve ever used are probably stuck in a landfill and still exist today? The plastic stick of the cotton swabs is normally not easily recyclable. It’s reduced size make it one of the worst plastic polluters. We all remember that picture of the seahorse attached to one, right?

Our bamboo cotton swabs are made from all-natural materials. The handle is made from 100% natural Moso Bamboo, which is a species that grows natively in China and has the capacity to grow very tall, in a very short time. The cotton we use for our swabs is made from certified organic cotton. So you can be sure that by using them, you’re not contributing to polluting this planet anymore, and you can safely compost them!


• 200 cotton swabs of 7.5 cm (2.95”)
• Packaged in a recycled carton box.

How are they made?

Our Bamboo Cotton Swabs are made from 100% natural Moso Bamboo, which is a species of bamboo that is native to China. Moso Bamboo has the benefit of growing very fast in a very short time. Each stalk can measure up to 30 meters in just a couple of years.  The cotton we use in our swabs is 100% Organic cotton.

The process of making bamboo cotton swabs is hardly handmade, it is a very elaborate technical process that requires quite a lot of machines. First, the stalk of the bamboo is cut into slabs, which is then turned into small toothpick-like sticks. Each stalk can make thousands of pieces. Once those are ready, another machine starts to spin the cotton on each tip of the stick until it reaches the desired thickness, this makes them all as similar and possible and makes them strong and comfortable to use.

Want to know more?
We explain every single part of the process in our How are Bamboo Cotton Swabs made page.

Care Instructions

using bamboo cotton swabs
Using Your Bamboo Cotton Swabs

Cotton Swabs aren’t a mysterious machine, so we trust you know how to use them. Just remember only to clean the outside part of your ear, and never stick the whole cotton swab all the way in, as this can damage your internal ear. Just try to be careful when you use them please!

biodegradable products
Disposing of Your Bamboo Cotton Swabs

When you’re done with your bamboo cotton swabs, you can throw them in your compost bin. They’re 100% biodegradable so they will easily compost in a matter of weeks. And if you want to get creative, they make excellent “mini-swords” for your children’s toys! Paint them red or blue and you just got yourself a mini lightsaber too!


• Are bamboo cotton swabs safe?
Yes! The Bali Boo bamboo cotton swabs are safe, for you and for our planet. Nonetheless, it is always important to keep some precautions when using them, mostly when using them for ear cleaning. Never introduce the swab all the way into your ear, as you can harm your inner ear, always try to clean only the outer part.

• Are bamboo cotton buds eco-friendly? Are bamboo cotton swabs environmentally friendly?
Yes! Our bamboo cotton buds (or swabs, as you prefer), are made out of Moso bamboo, and use only organic cotton for the tips. This means they are completely compostable and will biodegrade in nature after you dispose of them.

• Are bamboo cotton buds better than plastic ones?
Yes! And glad you asked! Have you ever thought that all the plastic qtips you have ever used in your life, have 91% chances of still being on this planet? Bamboo swabs biodegrade naturally. It can take up to 500 years for a plastic qtip to degrade into microplastics, and just a couple weeks for a bamboo one to do it completely naturally without leaving any residue.

• How long do bamboo cotton buds last?
Well, a bamboo cotton bud is meant for single-use, so once they’re used we recommend you throw them away (in your compost bin!). But out of the box they will last a lifetime.

• How do you dispose of bamboo cotton swabs?
To dispose of your bamboo cotton swabs just throw them with your organic trash, or in your home compost bin. Because all the elements in this package are completely biodegradable, they will decompose naturally without leaving any type of residue or trash behind!

• What are the benefits of bamboo swabs?
People use swabs for several reasons. Either for make-up, for personal care, or even to clean their electronics. Whatever the use is, the reality is that normal swabs are only used once, and then thrown away. By purchasing the Bali Boo bamboo cotton swabs you can be sure that you won’t be creating any type of trash, as everything in the pack will biodegrade in weeks!


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